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bad news is a bad computer choir that sings bad songs for bad missing data
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bad boys:

Ezra J. Teboul

Anthony Agazzi

Philippe-Aubert Gauthier

Thomas O Fredericks

Gerald Roßbacher

Jérémie Lamoureux Bélair

Simon Simon

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missing data:

Historic (start of 2017 season) Formula 1 betting odds [ machine-learning historical sports ]

Aircraft parts database [ transportation products ]

Public companies' employee count and properties from SEC/Edgar 10-K [ companies real-estate employees edgar ]

News to Category/Section mapping DataSet [ machine-learning nlp news ]

Open information on UK properties [ uses-of-open-data uk land ]

SIC code for company name [ ]

The number of international travelers to Schengen countries [ europe travel ]

Call Detail Records CDR from different telecom network elements [ telecom ]

american hospital directory - a list of all US-hospitals [ usa medical ]

Datasets in for taxi/uber in Pakistan with spatio-temporal components [ geospatial traffic asia ]

Data for a truly randomised treatment? [ ]

Dataset(s) for fuzzy string matching [ nlp text ]

Looking for open dataset mapping informal company names to ticker [ language opencorporates ]

MODIS flood map [ geospatial ]

Real-estate property data for USA [ real-estate ]

Car breakdown database and diagnostic trouble codes, that caused a breakdown [ transportation cars ]

Looking for Soviet Union or Russia GIS dataset [ geospatial transportation historical russia ]

Datesets - users accessing database tables [ ]

City car parking dataset in EU (and US) [ uses-of-open-data city europe parking ]

Dataset of short videos with perceivable motion [ ]

Cost living or CPI (consumer price index) by city in de US [ us-census cpi ]

Hi, does anyone know if the FDA has released ANDA submission dates? [ releasing-data ]

Data tables from Sorokin's Social and Cultural Dynamics [ historical social-process ]

A database with PAO (period after opening) by beauty product [ ]

Where can I find public access data on mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures? [ usa real-estate ]

LIDAR data for Israel [ geospatial images oceanographic ]

Dataset: Admission query dialogue style chat dataset [ programming ]

Quantitative data on number of insects per area over time? [ historical population environment biology ]

Looking for TRMM data of 4km resolution or more of july 2014 [ ]

Hate speech text data [ corpora classification ]

Data source for pharmacy directory [ usa medical ]

Where can I find all ICO tokens? [ ]

Is there a historic drug shortage database? [ releasing-data historical drugs ]

Bioacoustic Data [ biology ]

Place to find a dataset regarding heart rate before and after short resting period or relaxing massage [ medical ]

A database about transactions? [ ]

Twitter handles for artists/bands/movie stars etc [ social-media ]

Which region has the most granular census data? [ geospatial census ]

Survival rate vs fall height [ medical ]

Data sets for small human written programs [ software ]

Looking for open sourced data for commonly grown plants, specifically garden vegetables [ ]

Which database can I use for year on year product launches of Indian pharma companies and their respective revenue generation? [ medical companies india database ]

Where can I find repeated measures data arising from longitudinal studies involving psychometric tests? [ longitudinal ]

healthcare finder API + $ transaction? [ api healthcare-finder-api ]

Looking for historical weather forecasts [ weather historical internet ]

Looking for precipitation scans (radar) for Germany, 5 min intervals, >= 1 a [ weather meteorology ]

merger and acquisitions for OTC MARKET pink sheets [ ]

Spatially Orienting 1,4 Dioxane Data From the EPA UCMR-3 Data Set [ geospatial uses-of-open-data metadata ]

Data for “Proximity to Green Space” in United States [ usa api ]

Data set for tumor growth in rats/mice [ medical disease ]

Is there a crime statistics by city in Ukraine? [ crime ukraine ]

How can I get prosper data with lending description? [ ]

OTC Pink Sheet Merger Acquistions [ ]

Data on user-user trust ratings and user-item ratings [ machine-learning research trust ]

Where can I find data on GDP of US counties? [ usa county gdp ]

free Naturalistic Driving Studies (NDS) datasets [ machine-learning time-series public-transport ]

Iraq IDP/Refugee Camps [ geospatial releasing-data global ]

Corpus of words divided by language [ language global corpora dictionary ]

Is there a detailed crosswalk between U.S. Census 2000 SF3 variables and ACS variables [ us-census us ]

Need Tagged Data sets for training ML algorithms to classify sentences/reviews into single/multi classes [ machine-learning nlp classification ]

Does anyone know where to get the disaggregated data from the 2013 Consumer Expenditure Survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics? [ spending ]

Where can I find a database that contains all the airline companies with their alliances and if they are low cost or not [ geospatial transportation ]

Open news dataset regarding downsizing and employee layoff [ companies news ]

Alternatives to ImageNet [ ]

Seeking current global cloud cover data? [ weather noaa ]

USA tweets dataset for sentiment analysis [ usa ]

Get historical data of the S&P500? [ ]

Grocery products per year [ historical food global products ]

Various Country Statistics [ global wikipedia ]

English / Swedish translation data? [ language translation ]

Kitchen appliances features dataset [ ]

Are there remote sensing data sources tracking wind turbulence downstream of wind farms [ weather ]

Accessible source of social network chat data [ nlp ]

Dataset of bodybuilding exercises [ sports ]

Where can I find historical county level daily NDVI data? [ agriculture ]

Where can I find the dataset of Computer science research papers of (ACM,IEEE and Science direct)? [ search-engine ]

Seeking habitat data for UK [ geospatial images uk biology ]

Public datasets for Text summarization [ machine-learning medical research text ]

Looking for datasets of complaints/requests filed at municipalities or cities [ city legal text ]

Scanned architectural building plans [ images city ]

User-Movie Ratings [ film ]

Coordinates of Icelandic warm/hot springs [ geospatial iceland ]

do open “exception/error” repositories exist? [ computing ]

Is there an governmental API for authentication in Spain? [ spain ]

Database/-set containing information about rice yield and growth duration [ research agriculture asia ]

Looking for holiday data of Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh/Pakistan from 1950s until now [ uses-of-open-data ]

Open database of historical currency holidays for major currency pairs [ database ]

Looking for binary time series prediction datasets [ ]

Public School Teacher Dataset [ usa government education ]

where can I find city contracts? [ government ]

Ontological Database of Objects [ database ontology ]

Open Data for the monthly or quarterly GDP of the Eurozone (or Europe 19) [ europe ]

Countryside Stewardship Water Quality Priority Areas (England) [ releasing-data uk ]

A good bag of binary classfication datasets for testing a machine learning algorithm [ machine-learning classification ]

I am looking for statistics on the percentage of children's books versus other genres in self-publishing [ publishing ]

Database of customer service accounts on social media sites [ social-media ]

Morocco Post Code Shapefiles [ geocoding shapefiles ]

Car Safety Data [ cars ]

Tie CMS NPI with HCAAPS Provider ID [ medical ]

Where I can get the datasets containing article with its summarization? [ machine-learning nlp news ]

Schools in Canada [ education canada ]

Where can I get Twitters' retweet network dataset? [ social-media network-structure ]

How to download College Scorecard raw data [ collegescorecard ]

Crunchbase-Like Database(s) for Countries [ companies ]

Mapping between JSTOR stable ids and DOIs for Publications of the Royal Society of London [ doi mapping jstor stable-url ]

USA States Schools data base [ education ]

Drivers and Vehicles information Datasets [ cars privacy ]

Free database of vehicle data and VIN [ transportation ]

Looking for labeled audio data for sentiment [ audio sentiment-analysis ]

Obtaining datasets of photos of people and car license plates [ images cars faces privacy ]

Sample Employee organization data? [ ]

Condition Monitoring with condition monitoring [ machine-learning programming ]

Digital terrain models for Scotland at 1m resolution or less [ uk ]

Historical electricity prices for countries [ global energy prices electricity ]

OBD ii Dataset for collision dectection [ machine-learning cars accelerometer ]

Sudoku puzzles of different sizes [ games ]

Neuropsychological test data [ medical ]

Shapefile for Petrol Fueling stations across USA [ usa geocoding ]

Real life data based on Poisson Distribution containing outliers [ research ]

Dairy Farms in Wisconsin and Minnesota [ usa research analysis ]

Australian post code/area shapefiles [ geocoding australia ]

Jeypore Reserve Forest in Assam, India Shapefile [ geospatial india shapefiles ]

Smart Grid data set [ api ]

Where can I find a dataset that gives me the correct CLLI code for a serving Wire Center for a particular address? [ telecom ]

French word list? [ language dictionary french ]

Washington, D.C. Shapefile [ geocoding ]

Places to get large (volume wise) datasets reasonably well formatted and free to share? [ web-crawling ]

Aliexpress price history dataset [ api uses-of-open-data historical prices ]

Calorie intake by food per person (similar to MyFitnessPal) [ food ]

GIS Landcover/Precipitation/Geologic Faults Data for Nepal [ geospatial ]

Is there any registry of active 24/7 animal video feeds (from public IP-like cameras)? [ animals ]

Database of manufacturers of medical devices outside US [ medical europe china ]

Gyroscopic data obtained from two IMU sensors placed on the links connected by a hinge joint [ sensors ]

Is there a public source of adobe clickstream data available? [ uses-of-open-data ]

Is any Dataset for chitchat regional languages in english in watsapp, facebook messenger etc available in tensorflow [ machine-learning nlp ]

NEISS injury dataset - machine readable and decoded [ releasing-data medical ]

Real time public transport data [duplicate] [ public-transport real-time ]

Unsolved murder rates by country/state/municipality [ crime ]

Dataset with Addresses and Building/Structure Type in the US [ usa real-estate ]

How to find DEM data with attribute table for Brighton UK [ uk ]

Neighborhood by Zip Codes for New York and Los Angeles [ usa ]

Where to find healthcare practices data? [ medical ]

Archive of TV schedules [ media telecom ]

Where Can I Find True Experimental Datasets [ ]

Where can I find a current (as of 2016 or later) Open Source and Accurate Address Geocoding datasource or API? [duplicate] [ api maps geocoding ]

Free publicly available 3D faces morphable models [ machine-learning faces ]

Electoral district boundaries (international) [ geospatial elections shapefiles ]

Where I can get the dump of WHOIS Database? [ machine-learning network-structure ]

How the numbers of Nazi deportees from France varied over time [ france ]

Human Movement Data [ travel ]

Dataset for road accidents or traffic [ transportation ]

A health related and text based dataset [ healthcare medical social-media ]

Data set for action recognition in trains [ machine-learning public-transport ]

Data set for original exchange a security traded on [ finance historical ]

Looking for clustering dataset/usecase with large (10^5+) number of points, medium (256-2048) dimension, small k (10-max 100) [ machine-learning ]

Seeking census religious data by block group in New Jersey? [ geospatial us-census religion ]

Global/European soil properties database [ europe global environment soils ]

Wordnet for other languages [ dictionary wordnet ]

Trying to match convenience store names / gas station names to their corporate parent [ business names ]

How I can find a persons social profile link using email address? [ social-media email ]

public list of world banks [ bank ]

UK Cities and Towns [ city uk names population ]

Name and place of birth [duplicate] [ demographics names ]

EU workforce per commune [ europe census population ]

List of all UK political party/politician facebook pages [ uk social-media elections politics ]

Seeking Meteorological stations data for Europe, especially Denmark? [ geospatial meteorology ]

Looking for open astronautics text corpora [ nlp corpora ]

Is there any public database for financial transactions [ finance ]

2000 census data by block group [ usa census ]

Do US banks have reporting requirements for public money they hold? [ government finance ]

Receipt images database [ images ]

UK flight paths [ geospatial uk ]

Crimes by Block Group for state of Michigan [ geospatial crime ]

Word list with learning age [ english ]

Resume Dataset Request [ machine-learning research ]

Photos of tree leaves [ images photographs ]

In search of historical actual speed data for Chicago-land around 2007 [ traffic ]

Data set of French Communes [ france ]

API for FCC electronic equipments radio emissions [ telecom ]

Looking to add layers of Massachusetts State Senator and State Representatives to map? [ usa geospatial ]

UK Cities longitude and latitude details [ geospatial uk ]

UK Wind Speed for QGIS [ geospatial weather uses-of-open-data ]

List of all products and their ingredients [ food ]

Dataset of retail (chain) store locations by store number [ geospatial business companies ]

Dataset for Active browser fingerprint data? [ ]

How do football API's get their data? [ web-crawling ]

Shapefile or GeoJSON of all Caribbean Islands [ geospatial openstreetmap north-america south-america ]

List of coodinate systems with attributes [ geospatial ]

Where can I get shapefiles for changing German territory during the Second World War? [ geospatial historical europe shapefiles ]

List of symbols with corresponding names [ internet ]

US freight commodity flows by county or BEA [ transportation ]

C2C commerce data set [ research shopping ]

Train Stations Open Source Point Data [ geospatial openstreetmap ]

Is there any dataset of Indian Traffics Signs? [ traffic india classification ]

Where can I download North America Tropical Cyclones dataset? [ weather ]

Undergrad-Total Institutional Aid Received by school [ education aid ]

time series for US weather [ weather ]

Looking for dataset on teachers' unions membership by school district [ usa education ]

Where can I find a dataset of astronaut food? [ space ]

Newspaper ownership data [ companies media publishing ]

City mayor/council racial demographics [ usa demographics politics ]

Multimodal dataset (image + text) for image classification [ ]

Help finding a data set for Robust Regression? [ ]

Sensor data trains dataset [ transportation time-series csv sensors ]

Unemployment Data [ demographics ]

English Sentiment Analysis Labeled Dataset [ sentiment-analysis ]

MSOA code to match postcode [ ]

ArXiv data download per category [ ]

Database for digital cameras, laptops, phones [ products ]

Database of French companies [ business france ]

Dataset on fake news spreading through Twitter [ machine-learning social-media ]

Low resultion bathymetric and elevation data (eg ~ 20' by 20`) [ geospatial ]

Home Appliances and Energy Usage [duplicate] [ energy ]

Is there an American Community Survey dataset that provides individual-level data at the census tract level? [ us-census ]

NSF Abstracts Dataset Update [ ]

Dataset Wanted: Classification [ classification ]

US county-level Housing Price Index 1950-2010 [ usa economics prices real-estate ]

Categorized Data for Deep Learning [ machine-learning ]

New delimited shapefile for Delhi [ maps shapefiles ]

SOC labeled job data [ usa ]

Where can I find DR Congo's electricity transport network geographic data? [ geospatial ]

Billiards or Snooker Data [ sports ]

List of houses parcel number US [ real-estate ]

Websites reliability database [ reliability news ]

Home based business by subcity geography [ usa us-census business ]

Hydroponic/Vertical farm system historical sensor data [ machine-learning agriculture ]

Where does all recipe get their on sale data? [closed] [ ]

Icons set to represent Wikidata classes (hospital, park, waterfall, prison, school, etc) [ images wikidata ]

public source of streaming IP addresses [ api real-time ]

Contents of sheet music songbooks [ music ]

Dataset containing speech and utterance seperated phonetically with timestamps [duplicate] [ audio ]

Accessing historical data from the U.S. Census of Manufacturers [ usa economics historical ]

Are there any datasets for electric vehicle range estimation? [ machine-learning transportation ]

Long haul flight density at Dulles International Airport [ medical global travel ]

Oral contraceptive sales in the USA, especially Washington DC and Maryland [ usa economics medical ]

Any AVL raw and open data? [ public-transport traffic ]

Global Ground Slope Data [ geospatial ]

Download list of the name of every airport in Western languages [ geospatial travel ]

Human body measurements dataset [ ]

Where can I get wind data for southern China for arcgis analysis? (Specifically Hong Kong) [ geospatial ]

I am looking for Product (computer systems specifically) datasets [ products computing ]

Vector data for Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC) regions? [ global public-transport geohazard ]

Shape dataset for classification [ ]

Religious Institution Survey Information [ geospatial religion ]

Datasets like MNIST for image classification [ machine-learning ]

Interaction based recommendation system dataset [ machine-learning ]

How to download in excel/csv all the FDA drug enforcements available? [ drugs ]

Data on Surname Origins and the United States [ usa names ]

European or Danish data set that specifies roof types [ maps ]

A data set for click through rate [ ]

Is there a set of data points available to draw an outline of the coast of the British Isles? [ maps uk csv ]

Where can I find GIS sub-division boundary data of Saudi Arabia and Turkmenistan? [ geospatial asia ]

Dataset of planets and moons in the solar system [ astronomy ]

Where Can I Find Library Utilization Data? [ usa government ]

Are there IMDb datasets with IMDb ID numbers and actor birthdates? [ data-format film ]

Places to find credit risk data-sets [ finance ]

Raw data for Central Limit Theorem [ ]

Where to find river flow time series for rivers in Europe? [ europe time-series ]

How can I get salary data on the gamer population in the US and/or Europe? [ uses-of-open-data europe population games ]

Colorado Ski Areas GIS dataset [ usa geospatial ski ]

Dataset of Sentences Classified by Type? [ nlp language russia ]

Dataset of faces without background [duplicate] [ images faces ]

Where Can I find Data on African Startups? [ africa ]

Smart Grid Smart City — Customer trial data [ energy ]

Chronological Series of PCI [ ]

need a client request dataset [ database ]

API for localized nutrition and food data [ api food translation ]

US state-level: Mean and median per capita income for 1950 to today [ usa economics income ]

Looking for historical data on NBA player-specific salaries and other contract information [ releasing-data sports historical ]

Municipality 2017 shapefile Europe [ geospatial europe shapefiles ]

API or datasets for websites demographics (age & gender distributions) [ api demographics global ]

Where can I find data on MARTA? [ usa transportation public-transport ]

Wikipedia Article Category [ wikipedia ]

API or datasets for age & gender distributions of the world [ api demographics ]

Data about past floods (in the UK) [ geohazard ]

Average height of Shetland Island residents [ medical europe demographics ]

Infectious disease outbreakes in Russia by region [ medical russia ]

Acquiring Global Data on Rainfall? [ ]

Where can I find highest resolution soil data from public domain in India? [ india soils ]

Transportation statistics for Grand Central Terminal [ transportation ]

Mobile games demographic data [ usa demographics games ]

Humidity data in the US [ usa geospatial weather ]

Classification system for healthcare facilities based on most common procedures [ medical classification ]

Historical Black Sea oceanographic data [ noaa climate oceanographic meteorology ]

Data about default rates of H1B visa holders on their past student loans? [ usa finance ]

clinical report dataset [ healthcare nlp medical text ]

Cancer images dataset [ medical images ]

US Radiation measurements [ usa government environment ]

Bacterial infectious diseases dataset [ releasing-data metadata ]

Data on US-production in each industry as defined per NAICS [ usa economics industry ]

Getting cold calls data set [ nlp uses-of-open-data ]

Request for seismic data annotated with Earthquake/NoEarthquake labels [ ]

Dataset with personal information (eg. gender, age) and movie preferences [ music film ]

How to access USAID funded project data [ usaidopen ]

Free world flags 4:3 dimensions [ images ]

Is there a dataset for OCR of handwritten texts available? [ unstructured-data ]

Largest U.S. cities per state in 1950 [ usa city historical population ]

Free radar (SAR) satellite data and Optical satellite Imagery of same scene [ images ]

Measures of racism in US [ usa ]

Units of measurement conversion database [ ]

US county-level temporal economic data [ usa economics ]

Dataset for human body temperature, heart rate and illness [ healthcare ]

historical data for bus arrival time at bus stop [ usa transportation public-transport ]

Is there a large and varied syslog corpus available for download [ ]

Is there any text data set with both paragraph and document-level labels available? [ text ]

What are the available datasets for fake news detection [ ]

UK region wise families with young children [ uk ]

Company descriptions API? [ companies ]

Over-the-counter prices of pharmaceutical drugs in the United States [ usa healthcare finance ]

Dataset of automobile factories [ industry cars ]

Does a tagged data set of online news articles and associated comments exist? [ nlp ai ]

How to get “historical” shapefile (road, waterways, railways, etc.) of India? [ india openstreetmap shapefiles ]

Largest employers in each US Congressional district [ usa business politics ]

US freight railroad networks, stations, yards and junctions [ transportation network-structure ]

Epinions extended dataset search [ social-media ]

Open data with AB test results [ ]

Where can I download IGARSS 2012 data fusion contest data? [ usa geospatial ]

Drug coverage by health insurance [ usa healthcare finance ]

Swiss Canton Level Data Request on unemployment and social spending [ geospatial ]

Temporal Network data and Animal hierarchy time stamped network data set [ network-structure ]

Where can I find dataset for University acceptance rate for college athletes? [ education ]

Textual and corresponding image datasets [ ]

Data on shop/restaurant discounts (preferably UK) [ uk shopping restaurant ]

Is there any api that can be used to find a company's NACE code (industry code)? [ api-request companies ]

Sci-Hub Download Requests Data [ ]

Stream/River depth GIS shapefile for contiguous United State [ usa geospatial maps ]

Datasets with confidence ratings and ground truths [ ]

Looking for a Canadian vegetation layer? [ ]

Remotely sensed estimate of mangrove area for all of the Galapagos Islands [ geospatial ]

Boundary coordinates of the states/cities/provinces of germany [ maps germany ]

How can I register a new API key for programatically? [ api ]

Trying to link ZIP code to core-based statistical area [ usa us-census postal-code csv ]

Data set of Air waybills [ ]

Is there a dataset of temperatures in India before 1947? [ geospatial weather maps india ]

Corpus of utterances and transcribed words for testing speech recognition algorithms [ english ]

Cancer imaging, clinical and genomic data request [ healthcare medical ]

I need to motorway map of the UK as data in CSV format [ maps uk ]

Corpus of Iranian surnames [ names ]

Rural road/field dataset [ images ]

Source of coordinated for very small world globe [ maps ]

Mapping PUMA Codes to TIGER/line shapefiles [ us-census r ]

Where can I get consistent global map data for topology and environmental properties? [ geospatial global ]

Dead Sea historical measurements 1930s to 1970s [ historical ]

Download an ancient Digital Elevation Model (DEM) [ ]

Data for the number of departing tourists in each country? [ travel ]

Data Set request: Blood donation data [ medical ]

Travel Trip Diaries [ ]

Open sourced LiDAR dataset? [ ]

Large time-series data for learning [ time-series ]

looking for a joke/humorous/cartoon data set [ ]

Dataset on bilateral trade in services between India and other nations [ india trade ]

Video dataset for abnormal event detection in bank ATM? [ ]

Experimental data [ ]

Data of GDP values of cities in the world [ city gdp ]

Data on the number of cats and dogs kept as pets in Asia and Africa [ demographics africa asia ]

Database of arpabets sounds [ ]

Graph representation of NUTS-3 regions to determine adjacency [ geospatial metadata europe network-structure ]

Publicly available transaction data [ big-data ]

Seasonal Sales Data for time Series Analysis [ time-series r ]

English vocabulary by levels [duplicate] [ english dictionary ]

Where can I find a list of latin words? [ language dictionary ]

Fleet (Transportration) Dataset [ geospatial transportation traffic real-time ]

Shapefile of Malaysia Postal codes? [ geospatial postal-code ]

Data source for names demography analysis? [ demographics names ]

Shapefile of European Union regions and districts [ geospatial europe ]

London bus stops registry [ transportation uk public-transport ]

Permits of US metropolitan areas [ usa ]

Forest inventory and lidar [ ]

Open data on cyber bullying? [ ]

Can anyone else unzip the DBLP data? [ ]

English queries to GIS systems [ geospatial nlp english ]

GML with geographic information [ geospatial maps ]

Classifiable data where the features change over time [ classification ]

Any sources for UV light exposure on land for various geographies? [ geospatial weather climate ]

Retrieving Amazon product reviews? [ api-request social-media products companies ]

USPS drop box locations in NYC? [ usa geospatial city ]

Health Care industry data for Hospitals/Urgent Cares, etc [ usa healthcare analysis ]

Books by category published annually in Ireland [ books ireland ]

Database of lots in Tokyo [ geospatial address japan ]

Aerial or high quality satellite images from one area at different times in a day? [ geospatial images analysis aerial-photography ]

Indian Religions/Castes List? [ demographics india religion ]

US Population/Housing Data? [ us-census demographics population real-estate ]

Wharton Research Data Service - Need to query/download comScore dataset [ ]

US phone area code city/state database? [ usa ]

Olympic speed skating data, beyond final standings [ sports ]

Services used to collect training data for Machine Learning [ machine-learning classification ]

Database of injuries of inmates while awaiting trial in jail [ legal ]

Running Data / Race Data [ sports ]

National Spanish soccer lotteries - La Quiniela and El Quinigol datasets [ sports data-format europe ]

Clinical dataset [ healthcare machine-learning ]

Emmy Award winners [ film media ]

Cyber Monday Traffic Data [ extracting polling ]

Historical Climate Data with High Resolution [duplicate] [ climate ]

free astronomical datasource with the oldest historical data [ astronomy ]

Where to find Geology data for Europe - GIS [ geospatial maps europe database ]

Accessing NREL data for specific wind turbines? [ usa machine-learning weather energy ]

Animal size database query [ database animals ]

Personal information dataset [ geospatial ]

North American housing and real-estate appraisal data [ geospatial real-estate north-america ]

Sources of weather data [ weather climate ]

List of every city and town in the world? [ city names ]

Dataset of US local, state, federal contact phone numbers? [ usa government ]

Toy problem for RNNs in computer vision [ machine-learning images ]

Water Quality/Infectious Disease Data [ disease ]

Email data set with plain text emails for spam classification [ machine-learning email classification ]

Availability of descriptive ship metadata [ transportation metadata ]

Sources for federal funding of local governments [ usa federal ]

Postal code boundaries for India? [ geospatial postal-code india kml ]

Elevation data by latitude and longitude for the Grand Canyon [ geospatial data-format environment ]

Tweets organized by regional location and period of time? [ geospatial social-media ]

Introduction to Statistical Thought - med.1000 dataset [ r ]

is there a dataset of financial blogs? [ metadata social-media media ]

Seeking spatialized Employment Information for England? [ releasing-data uk europe ]

List of all world cities with populations over 100,000 [ government population ]

Running statistics from real users [ maps ]

2016 US national election exit poll data [ usa elections ]

Realtime Nationwide (or as many states possible) Auto Crash/Incident data [ ]

Patient Sample Data [ ]

Labeled dataset for sentiment analysis [ nlp language sentiment-analysis ]

Hate crime dataset in the United States [ usa ]

OSHA Occupational Chemical Database [ api-request labor ]

List of New Jersey businesses sorted by zip code and SIC code [ business ]

XLS or CSV Historic EDGAR CIK list, for a specific state? [ usa business ]

Canadian and USA Administrative Boundary Data Service [ usa geospatial canada ]

Where is voter data from the recent General Election? [ usa demographics ]

USA 2016 election demographic data [ usa demographics elections ]

Data on building locations and characteristic in France [ geospatial france ]

Is there a data set for all vehicle accidents in USA? [ usa government ]

Sexuality and first kissing and kissing questionnaire [closed] [ ]

Database of consumer (food) product ownership [ food products companies ]

Where can I find dataset for product characteristics and its possible values? [ ]

Geospatial Canadian Socioeconomic Data [ geospatial census canada economy ]

Top Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Sales in US During 2016 (Current Year) Dataset(s)? [ drugs ]

Large datasets with user-reported birthdates (preferably older records) [ historical demographics ]

San Francisco Housing Data [ prices real-estate ]

Where can I find the number of banks by country? [ global bank ]

Popularity of programming libraries [ programming software ]

Drill Core Stratigraphic Data [ geospatial environment ]

Good web-service based API for getting the latest CME Globex future data [ api-request ]

Looking for specific Sales Dataset [ r companies analysis ]

Seeking free GIS data for USA equivalent to Swedish General Map? [ usa geospatial ]

Wind energy and wind turbine data [duplicate] [ energy ]

How to get the road traffic data of India? [ government traffic india openstreetmap ]

Looking for complete sensor datasets from a production process [ machine-learning sensors ]

Dataset of Japanese company industries and HQ locations? [ geospatial companies japan ]

Looking for a satellite imagery dataset [ machine-learning aerial-photography ]

Open datasets like the GigaWord for text summarization? [ machine-learning ]

Access to 5m Terrain data for flood modelling [ geospatial uk ]

Labeled data: two concentric circles i.e. a cluster encircled by different clusters [ geospatial healthcare machine-learning finance ]

Where to get archive tweets? [duplicate] [ api social-media ]

How can I obtain public transport data for Hong Kong / Shenzhen? [ transportation ]

Open Data for software options [ uses-of-open-data ]

Dataset for reapeated measures [ ]

Monthly/Daily UK Rainfall Data [ uk climate ]

On Exchange plans mixed in with Off Exchange plans [ ]

A dataset with ~10 million rows [ data-format ]

Where can I get maven central updates? [ ]

How might I go about linking databases of business records to ratings data (such as yelp or google places)? [ api-request uses-of-open-data ]

Looking for data on Eastern European scientists working in Western Europe [ ]

Where can I find machine readable transcribed text of the 2016 Presidential speeches and debates? [ usa government nlp politics ]

Where can I find subtitled recordings of university courses? [ language education ]

Up-to-date Global Lake Information and Data [ geospatial global environment ]

Open dataset containing distance between states in the USA [ usa geospatial api ]

Is there a way to access Microsoft Academic data set listed on Microsoft DataMarket? [ api odata ]

Spatial Data for Srilanka & Bangladesh [ geospatial ]

satellite imagery data for crop identification [ geospatial images agriculture ]

Sports Clubs & Facilities [ uses-of-open-data sports geocoding ]

Percentage of radio stations that are terrestrial stations versus Internet stations [ wikidata ]

Cellular data subscription costs [ internet telecom ]

Data Set of all registered Defined-Benefit Pension schemes in the UK [ ]

Open large datasets on human body temperature? [ medical population ]

What public datasets of radiology reports exist? [ ]

Acquiring Used Car Sales Prices [ prices cars ]

Criminal news stories [ media ]

Satellite Images on OPeNDAP [ geospatial ]

Where can I find a nationwide breakdown - by race - of police detentions that did not result in an arrest or citation? [ ]

Is there a database of actions commonly associated with specific nouns? [ ]

Why are the values of some variables different in the current version (updated on Sept 13, 2016)? [ collegescorecard ]

Constructing a WordNet-like tree from the Wikidata dataset? [ wikidata ]

Remix Music Audios [ music audio ]

Looking for specifically distributed dataset for classification task [ ]

Violent/Non-Violent News Headlines from the Past [ crime ]

Diabetic vs non-diabetic dataset [ medical ]

Where can I get a data set of medical information of healthy people? [ healthcare machine-learning medical ]

Data set for Social Commerce [ machine-learning social-media ]

Download historical financial data [duplicate] [ finance ]

Finding ward level administrative boundary data for india? [ geospatial census india ]

Locus of Control Test Results [ ]

Telemetrics datasets for vehicles [ ]

User complaint/review description for running nlp-ner on telecom(preferably) data [ nlp telecom unstructured-data ]

Public domain data for sample/training purposes [ ]

Can I get dataset of google queries asked by people in a particular time period? [ internet ]

Raw data on sexual behavior [ medical lgbt ]

Looking for panel dataset [ ]

Data for vehicle speed and altitude at Nürburgring [ geospatial maps ]

Open data in US which can provide with live traffic? [ maps geocoding traffic ]

Government survey that includes detailed job titles [ usa survey economy ]

Historical NCAA football poll rankings by week? [ sports historical ]

Bikesharing datasets [ api public-transport ]

US Presidential Election by County [ usa elections ]

Obtaining data sets for solved murder [ usa uk crime ]

Simple elevation data for Europe [ geospatial europe ]

UK Life Expectancy (Either HLE or LE) by small area [ uk ]

People from the Nordics Living Abroad [ ]

Google Trends weekly data [ extracting trends ]

Immunological Genome dataset [ genome ]

Suggest Scientific papers collection with precision and recall for pre-judge query dataset [ ]

I am looking for good german <-> czech dictionary in text format(or something else) [ language dictionary ]

Number of people over age 65 in each ZCTA for each year since 2005 [ us-census population ]

Questions and answers from [ ]

List of things users might be interested in [ ]

Collegescorecard - individual-level anonymized data [ releasing-data collegescorecard ]

Carto Help in minimizing geographic dataset [ geospatial tool-request geocoding ]

Dataset of Home Appliance Usage [ energy ]

Where can I find average GPA data by graduate year and college, and ideally by major too? [ releasing-data collegescorecard ]

Historical weather forecast compared to actual weather? [ weather historical ]

Bargaining Data [ ]

Find UK daily flow discharge data with gaps in the time series [ time-series ]

Where can I find a data set with 1000 records of kidney patients? [ ]

Laser scans of buildings / cities [ city ]

TED-LIUM transcripts (text files only) [ ]

Clickstream sample data set [ machine-learning ]

Mapping Embase Accession Numbers with other paper IDs [ research ]

House Price Data in UK by LSOA [ uk ]

Comprehensive database of world universities [ education global ]

Dataset with the location of world fishing grounds [ ]

Any data on average income by district in Seoul, South Korea? [ income korea ]

Adverse Events Reported Term + MEDDRA coding dataset [ openfda medical ]

Given an EmbaseID, is there any way to programmatically retrieve the abstract? [ api healthcare ]

annotated flower / plant image dataset [ images ]

Chance of dying within a year by age, gender, and country? [ ]

Vending Machine Transaction logs [ ]

Is there a dataset having multiple files and multiple data formats (JSON+CSV+XML) for research purpose etc.? [ releasing-data uses-of-open-data ]

Crosswalk for State Crime Statutes [ metadata ]

Binary classification: Datasets in which people make binary decisions about binary outcomes [ ]

Is there any international public transport data? [ transportation public-transport ]

Open anonimized ATM transactions dataset [ ]

Dataset of hardware benchmarks [ computing ]

Vehicle Traffic Vendor [ traffic ]

Where to get usa coastline/shoreline data [ usa geospatial usgs ]

Where can I get list of states of all countries? [ global ]

Data set for Mcdonalds [ releasing-data uses-of-open-data ]

How to Navigate Wikileak Torrents ( [ leak ]

AP Newspaper Membership Records [ media ]

Given start & end dates without year, where can I find average daily high & low temperatures for a given city? [ weather city ]

Sales Tax Data for NYC [ taxes ]

Where to get basic business info such as address and phone number? [ business address ]

Fracking Cost per Barrel of Oil [ api finance economics ]

World Cup Winners [ sports ]

National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) Data? [ ]

Fire incidents data [ city security fire ]

How to obtain airline data [ web-crawling ]

Quebec Provincial Crown Lands [ geospatial government maps canada ]

Regarding Fortune 500 Companies [ ]

TV viewership data [ ]

Global Fiber Optic Data [ telecom ]

Data on cultural diversity dimensions [ research demographics global social-process ]

What are the most common issues with data cleaning (e.g. outliers, duplicates)? Who has data sets that need to be prepared for analysis? [ releasing-data ]

Historical Summer Olympics Medal Counts? [ sports ]

what are the best ways to build / scrape an open-sourced data set of a retailer type (e.g. tobacco retailers?) [ geospatial api releasing-data business ]

Where can I find a database of scholarships? [ ]

Audio Datasets Featuring Different Speakers Saying the Same Sentence (English)? [ language audio ]

Where can I find product data (Images, Nutritional, ingredients, Descriptions etc.) for Vitamins & Supplements [ ]

How can I access open data for non-U.S. governments? [ ]

Traffic/roadworks record for Greater London [ uk traffic ]

A sample historical online trading data to download? [ trade ]

how to download database from united nations website [ uses-of-open-data database ]

What are the current most challenging MNIST-like tasks aiming to achieve the lowest error rate? [ ai ]

Solved Programming Challenges Dataset [ api-request nlp programming ]

Berlin, Germany building data set [ images germany ]

Highly periodical time series datasets? [ time-series ]

Attacks on refugee homes in Germany [ geospatial germany terrorism ]

Data about olive fruits, oil, pomace [ ]

Pasadena - Mobile sightings data [ ]

Hospital infection data [ time-series ]

Difference of implementations of the SQL standard in different relational database management system (RDBMS) [ ]

Water Pollutant or Contaminant Dataset [ ]

Team-sport play data, in particular ball passes [ sports ]

Time series data on construction cost [ time-series prices ]

Need list of cities/municipalities of Germany along with population density [ germany population ]

Dataset of documents and user libraries [ nlp ]

Where can I find data set of tweets of users? [duplicate] [ machine-learning nlp social-media ]

Non-ASCII Unicode symbols with their word equivalents [ nlp ]

Where to find ATM/branch cash replenishment dataset? [ time-series bank ]

Where can I find a database with indexes, equities, forex, etc? [ finance ]

find all renault garages in France [ geospatial transportation ]

Dataset of judicial decisions in France [ legal france ]

Pharmaceutical firm data [ ]

Looking for Hotel prices dataset [ ]

Library methods with date of introduction [ computing ]

Where is a lookup table for rail stations in ERPC – Eastern Railroad President's Conference Codes? [ usa ]

Small Sample of Clickstream data [ ]

Federal Reserve - Tremendous amount of data [ ]

Dataset of English Poetry [ language english ]

How would I get data on people with disabilities? [ usa disabilities ]

Secondary schools Ireland, UK & Finland [ education uk ireland ]

Precomputed Eigenfaces [ images faces ]

Looking for geospatial .shp files with specific format [ geospatial ]

Ground truth dataset [ ]

Is there any dataset for images which contains each object name? [ images ]

priority roads data [ geospatial maps transportation traffic ]

Chinese demographic data (age, gender) [ demographics population china ]

A few datasets: IP4/6, MAC, Cell ID [ geospatial ]

Where do I find data of all companies in this world? [ ]

Average monthly weather data by city, over the world? [ api-request weather ]

Race, cross-race, and cross culture tolerance data [ linked-data wikidata state database ]

Randomized control trials with budget [ healthcare ]

Supermarket Product Data [duplicate] [ food ]

Australian Crime Data [ crime australia ]

Where to find Rule based classification data [ ]

Individualized heart beat data linked with heart disease [ healthcare ]

Where can I find some open datasets of biological data and biomedical informatics data? [ healthcare biology ]

Is there a newspaper or online magazine with a REST API for article comments? [ media ]

Injuries caused by celebratory gunfire [ healthcare ]

Slimmed Down Nutrient Composition Database [ healthcare food ]

Yelp datasets: Business name, phone number, and address [ business ]

Physical exercises with muscle activation [ healthcare ]

Transport related data set - Milano or Trentino [ ]

Dataset of cars with required steering effort [ cars ]

Number of ultrasound machines per country [ healthcare ]

Database of Diacritics [ language ]

Customer Review Dataset with Label Classification [ machine-learning nlp ]

Data on startups by Metro cities [ ]

Searching for data on breast feeding [ medical ]

Dataset of shell commands with corresponding sentences [ nlp ]

United States Ports of Entry — Historical and Current [ usa ]

Electricity consumption dataset [ energy latin-america ]

Historic Thompson-Reuters CRB Data? [ finance economics ]

Geospatial data at a particular lat/long [ geospatial global ]

Blood pressure annotated with beat onsets [ healthcare ]

UK river and catchment files for GIS [ geospatial uk network-structure ]

Nightclub flyer dataset [ music ]

Catasto terreni ITALY [ ]

Land cadastre USA [ usa land ]

MEDLINE®/PubMed dataset as a relational database (e.g., MySQL) [ pubmed ]

Contractual data over multiple years [ longitudinal ]

Need dataset of english letters [ machine-learning language images ]

USA National Power Grid Regions [ geospatial energy ]

List of Benign URLs [ ]

Library of human faces with tags for displayed emotions [ images faces ]

French newspaper dataset [ french ]

Surveys which capture income of individuals and other details [ ]

Given a PMID, how can I get the list of PMIDs of papers citing it? [ api-request research pubmed ]

Open databases on how doctors and their patients use technology [ healthcare ]

Vertical profiles of water vapor [ usa ]

Livestock Diseases in Indiana [ animals agriculture ]

Linking PMIDs with ORCID iDs [ api-request research pubmed ]

MOOC dataset with opening and removal dates [ mooc ]

Grocery store sales data in the US [ geospatial ]

Molecular concentration versus altitude [ usa geospatial ]

Apple Product Sales [ products ]

MOOC budget dataset [ finance mooc ]

Transaction dataset over multiple years [duplicate] [ ]

Open Human Computer Interaction datasets? [ computing ]

List US supermarkets as defined by the Blue Cash Everyday [ usa finance ]

Murder rate by city/state in Germany? [ crime germany ]

FTPing the National Centers for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) [ ]

US Individual Income averages by county and age brackets [ us-census income ]

dataset with date of birth of both partners and date of marriage/divorce [ ]

Asking for Diagnostic database Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) [ machine-learning ]

Gas price per station dataset [ ]

Median age by state/city in Germany? [ demographics germany population ]

Cover letters written along with research paper submission [ research ]

Outbound sales call center data [ ]

Where can I find the data for secular bull and bear markets? [ economics ]

Data used in Reinhart & Rogoff's “Growth in a Time of Debt” [ economics ]

Reliable point spatial data of cities of New Zealand [ geospatial releasing-data ]

Garages known to fraudulently upsale [ ]

A list of all the banks by country [ finance bank ]

Ookla/NetIndex data dump [ internet global ]

Time Series for Regression [ time-series ]

NBA game timeseries data [ sports ]

DOI with source code, slide or poster [ research ]

Location of USPS Mail Boxes [ federal ]

Factoid question-answer pairs based on tables [ nlp ]

From where can I get hourly weather forecast data of Europe? [ weather europe ]

Anti-infringment IP list [ internet ]

Scientific poster printing prices [ research ]

Dataset of soccer betting odds and game results [ sports football ]

Where can I find a products feed/catalogue .xml from any online store with ? [ ]

The data from “Data: A Collection of Problems from Many Fields for the Student and Research Worker” by Andrews and Herzberg [ ]

Wind region Data for Newzealand [ releasing-data weather ]

Where can I get happiness data from the Gallup World Poll? [ survey ]

Telecommunication Customer churn Dataset [ telecom ]

Data about what kind of entities appear on public web pages [ web-crawling internet ]

dataset on emergency response [ government ]

World height and weight by age distributions? [ demographics global ]

Precipitation and temperature GIS data for Pacific Basin [ geospatial weather ]

Is there a pre-2011 public version of USA's Social Security Death Master File? [ usa ]

Suggestions for Canadian (Metro Vancouver) Housing Open Data Sources [ canada real-estate ]

Indian Newspaper Archive [ media ]

Academic research laboratories [ ]

Data on jcpenneys sales [ web-crawling ]

Getting data on real property sales [ ]

SWIFT routing codes for all global banks [ finance global bank ]

Queryable source of large cities [ geospatial api-request city ]

Citation Network Dataset [ research ]

Are there any Open datasets for Human Resources? [ economics labor companies ]

Sample Landbase data for Bharatpur Area,India [ uses-of-open-data india ]

E-cigarette accidents [ healthcare medical ]

Publicly available high frequency financial datasets [ ]

Is there any source to download German data set for crop disease incidences for last 20-50 years? [ germany disease ]

Where can I get metrics data on one retail store, for 3 - 4 years time? [ finance ]

USA Road Network Data Set Options? [ maps traffic openstreetmap ]

where can i find time series data sets of Australian beer consumption? [ time-series ]

Is there any picture corpus? [ language images corpora ]

Daily access pattern of a real cloud storage [ ]

Any geospatial irrigation data for the UK? [ geospatial uk ]

Mobile applications usage [ ]

Directory of professional vertical web services [ ]

Past Lightning (weather) data [ geospatial weather ]

Same-sex couple data from American Community Survey (ACS) [ us-census lgbt ]

Natural language corpora dataset with time stamps [ nlp ]

Data from the Great Lakes Science Center's Annual Bottom Trawl and Acoustics Surveys [ federal usgs ]

Progresa/Oportunidades dataset [ latin-america randomized-trial ]

Individual-level data (e.g. survey) with information on sexual orientation [ survey lgbt ]

Financial agricultural data for Chile's different regions [ chile ]

Extracting Twitter profiles based on page followed [ api social-media ]

Whats the simplest way to get 1000 twitter handles of users in USA who are less than 21 years of age? [ usa tool-request ]

Automobile accident data in India [ traffic india ]

Historical rates of depression, anxiety or any mental illness [ healthcare depression anxiety mental-disorders ]

Government procurement bids [ usa government spending ]

Where to find a complete list of products by model number of all major US brands? [ products ]

Maritime traffic data as bulk download or API [ api transportation ]

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews dataset [ healthcare ]

Machine Learning Data Sets searchable by statistical properties [ machine-learning ]

Open-source DB of consumer package goods attributes [ ]

GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers) - Database New requirement for Google shopping [ products ]

Images of Cars with License Plates from Respective Countries [ ]

Plastics dataset (US) [ usa environment ]

Database or list of romanized chinese names and last names? [ names ]

Any Open Data Sets for the (Football) Euro Cup (in France 2016)? [ sports football ]

Number of lines of codes an average programmer touches per year? [ software ]

Roadworks datasets or API services [ usa api-request europe ]

Incidence and prevalence of tendinopathies [ healthcare ]

How to download geology data for Argentina and Chile [ chile argentina ]

Finding Reasonable Global Unemployment and Literacy Data [ ]

What is the latest US Census Data I can access to ? [duplicate] [ ]

UNIFIL “Blue Line” barrel marking coordinates [ geospatial ]

Where to find source data for incubation/onset/duration time of reported US cases Salmonella food poisoning? [ healthcare medical food disease ]

Node-attributed graph datasets [ network-structure ]

Dataset of rent prices in US Cities [duplicate] [ ]

MRI scanners in the United States with teslas [ healthcare ]

NYC Crime Dataset [ city crime ]

Android TV - Software Manual - Structure of Each Screen (UX look) [ releasing-data ]

O-ring dataset with thickness, Shore hardness, and diameter [ ]

new user - need pediatric data for various vitals parameters [ uses-of-open-data ]

Data request: how long do consumers wait for certain discounts, savings, and bargains? [ economics research business historical ]

Nation Builder Voter Database Leak [ usa government ]

Network of medical treatment comparisons per disease [ healthcare ]

Long list of attributes that make typical graph labels [ api api-request ]

Indian Election Results [ ]

US House Sale Data [ real-estate ]

looking for a list of certifications and licences relevant for US jobs [ education labor ]

Keyboard dataset with travel distance, operation point, actuation force, and force to bottom out [ ]

MRIs of tendinopathies [ healthcare images ]

Patents in academic institutions [ research ]

Dataset of hand images and keypoints [ ]

Looking for text-to-phoneme or pronunciation data for English words [ nlp ]

Standard datset of Animals with a mixture of popular animals [ ]

word2vec Analogy word2vec Task Data Set [ nlp ]

Free UK Company Database [ business ]

Freely available geospatial data for the capital cities in Southeast Asia [ geospatial transportation public-transport asia ]

British Newspaper Archive [ api nlp uk ]

List of database of clinical trials [ medical ]

Is it possible to get only opinion based tweets from twitter APIs or any other dataset? [ api-request social-media ]

Looking for data on British car specs/list prices/MSRP's for website design project [ historical uk prices cars ]

Dataset listing datasets for natural language processing [ nlp ]

Historical weather forecast API [ api weather historical europe ]

What is the easiest way to map NDC therapeutic class to broad condition? [ healthcare ]

I'm trying to collect some YouTube usage data so I can run clustering for personality types [ ]

Looking for historical daily quotes for USD [ economics ]

Multi-target regression Dataset [ machine-learning ]

Business Street Address with street and zip [ ]

buildings height data [ ]

Where can i find domain specific data set of opinion tweets about a product/brand? [ nlp social-media ]

Transactions Between Financial Intermediaries [ finance economics companies ]

Monitoring African Border Crossing in real time [ africa ]

Protected health information in different countries [ healthcare privacy ]

Clothing Dataset [ ]

dataset for webpage clustering [ machine-learning ]

Open dataset with historical plates/slides from astronomical surveys (absorption or emission spectra)? [ images historical astronomy ]

Which database should I search to find the year that homes were built? [ real-estate ]

Japanese gairaigo database [ japanese translation ]

A graph of North American railroads [ usa geospatial transportation ]

Dataset for humans,man and woman? [ machine-learning ]

Customer review dataset [ nlp ]

Dataset of common typos in English [ language nlp english ]

Petition for writs of certiorari to SCOTUS [ legal ]

Most popular twitter hashtags [ social-media ]

Publisher costs to publish a book [ finance research publications ]

Medical research articles annotated with quality of evidence [ healthcare research medical ]

Does anyone know of any datasets which have audio and accents? [ ]

Database of cities with coordinates and timezone [ geospatial ]

Where can I download powersports oem microfiche schematics? [ ]

I'm looking for panel data on Merger and Acquisition [ machine-learning economics time-series ]

Impact of move X on tendon Y [ healthcare medical ]

Japanese place/building names English translation database [ openstreetmap japan japanese translation ]

Where can i find a Dataset for history of Australian federal politicians [ australia ]

Where can I find downloadable smartphones data rating? [ products ]

Dataset for emotion classification into happy, sad, angry [ machine-learning research ]

Sentence segmentation dataset [ nlp corpora ]

which countries belong to which synchronous electricity grids? [ energy ]

Anyone need data transforming/cleaning? [ ]

Credit scoring data [ ]

Downloading the Panama Papers [ finance nlp ]

Open flight simulation data (trajectory, aerodynamics, wind tunnel simulations.. etc)? [ ]

Where I can get financial tweets and financial blogs datasets for sentiment analysis? [ sentiment-analysis ]

Data about dermatology (images + symptoms) [ medical disease ]

Risks per medical treatment [ healthcare medical ]

Global “bare earth” dataset, in GeoTIFF format [ geospatial ]

Open data sources similar to the Workplace and Employee Survey (WES) [ business big-data ]

I need a dataset in which different facilities are situated on the roadnetwork? [ ]

Personal deductions when filing taxes in the US [ usa taxes ]

Open API for currency conversion / exchange rates to EUR/USD/GBP (daily settlements) [ api api-request finance rest ]

What are the most comprehensive examples of businesses making strategy, marketing and performance data publicly available? [ finance business ]

Climbing cost per mountain [ sports ]

Are there any open data sources on business strategy? [ finance business ]

Speeding ticket cost [ cars ]

Machine readable list of monetary currencies, including symbol [ finance programming ]

Time series data to predict the health of vehicle [ machine-learning time-series ]

ASIC designs for high-efficiency Bitcoin miners [ programming ]

Data sets about nutrition/diseases [ healthcare food global disease ]

Timeseries from the CIA World Factbook [ ]

Overfishing dataset [ geospatial environment ]

Tagged (non-anonymized) GPS driver trip database [ weather transportation traffic ]

Chronicling America Bulk Downloads [ media ]

Examples of (near) real-time energy dashboards or portals [ energy real-time ]

Texas Parcel Data [ geospatial government ]

Any benchmark data available for average wages,benefits based on job position and state wise? [ ]

Sensor data from wind turbines [ energy sensors ]

Dataset for Device fingerprints? [ internet ]

Extensive Weather or Sea State API? [ weather sea ]

Is there a dataset with the MGRS 100Km square id for every such square on world map? [ geospatial maps ]

Dataset of accidents and incidents involving drones [ ]

Risk factors per disease [ healthcare ]

Where can I get the coordinates datasets of water bodies of a country? [ maps ]

Download customer purchased data [duplicate] [ shopping ]

Impact the boiling time on nutritional content [ healthcare food ]

Some random person name and details generator? [ ]

Bibliometric data to rank research institutions [ research bibliometrics ]

Where can I get the wind data for Nepal? [ weather energy ]

Survey raw data [ survey ]

Collection of large geospatial datasets [ geospatial ]

Data on (non-sexual) child abuse [ ]

Campground data or maps [ geospatial maps ]

Most common words in English [ nlp english ]

Vaccination success rates [ healthcare global ]

Online financial help (donation) dataset [ ]

Pension liabilities data sample [ ]

Data with trips [ ]

Is there an open database with characteristics of tree species? [ research ]

Is there a vocabulary for linking machine data on the shopfloor? [ linked-data ontology json ]

Where can I get the images data set of skin diseases? [ medical disease ]

where can i find sample free data set from super market purchase history with customer id? [ machine-learning research ]

Where i can get a list of most popular browsed servers domains by users of a specific country? [ ]

Text annotation tool dataset [ nlp ]

How many sample sentences are required to train a model in opennlp? [ machine-learning nlp ]

How to collect hand-writting data [ machine-learning language best-practice research ] - Sepsis Data Files? [ healthcare mimic-iii ]

Consumer Demographics for Individual Products [ business products demographics income ]

Vaccination policies [ healthcare global ]

Nuclide database - A, Z, BE, half-life, etc [ ]

Lake Bathymetry Open Data [ environment ]

Database world cities with their names in all languages of the world [ language city ]

how to download issues from asf jira [ api-request data-format ]

Dataset from Nasa website [ ]

Length (Belgian) railway tracks [ geospatial europe public-transport ]

Where can I get annotated data set for training date and time NER in opennlp? [ machine-learning nlp ]

data set of family trees in GEDCOM format? [ ]

Where can I get calendar events dataset in text format? [ machine-learning nlp ]

CSV dataset of cities, including population and latitude/longitude [duplicate] [ geospatial city population ]

Looking for open dataset containing vacation / annual leave data for counties of the European Union? [ economics europe ]

Data on press conferences from English-speaking press conferences [ sports nlp english ]

Micro data on parental education [ ]

Datasets based on casual conversations for chatterbots [ nlp python ai ]

Number applications to the French Government Defense's PhD grant (Direction Générale de l'Armement, in short DGA) [ research france ]

Database of Vehicles/License Plates [ ]

Downloadable Projected rainfall estimates for Ghana for the year 2016 [ geospatial ]

USCIS processing times history [ usa ]

Free Archive of Africa weather data [ weather africa ]

Rate of nutrient decay in fruit/vegetable juice [ healthcare food ]

Searching data for habits [ machine-learning uses-of-open-data ]

Historical events calendar database [ calendar ]

Where can I get data for the popularity of a book? [ books ]

Historical Wave and Current data [ weather historical ]

How can I find out how many socks strideline and happysocks sell a day? [ usa ]

How do I access ten years of craigslist archives? [ prices ]

2D Digital Subraction Angiography [ healthcare images medical ]

Medical text corpus [ healthcare machine-learning nlp ]

Historical flight path data [ government ]

Fruit ripening dataset [ ]

Archive of FedWire participants [ usa finance bank ]

Is a dataset of Paint-like paintings available? [ images ]

Looking for an open API for to get tracking information from an EMB code [ food ]

Can any one help me in finding out the data sets for my project [ ]

Recommendation letter dataset [ nlp ]

Employee Churn dataset? [ ]

Cyber-attacks with demand dataset [ finance internet computing ]

Looking for open source funding data of South American startups [ economics latin-america ]

Is there an open database of elementary, middle, and high schools with special education departments in the United States? [ usa education ]

Looking for dataset of pharmacy Locations in Chicago area [ geospatial healthcare uses-of-open-data ]

Sentiment classification from Smiles-data need [ sentiment-analysis ]

All the cities and their state codes [ ]

Percentage of patients worldwide who have electronic medical records managed by a software company founded in a given country [ healthcare ]

Discrepancies between the api url and the original one on collegescorecard? [ api collegescorecard ]

Contractors licence data [ usa ]

Bulk download Sci-Hub papers [ research ]

Where to get historical 1 minute forex data? [ finance ]

Evolution of fruits throughout the history [ images food ]

People names by country [duplicate] [ europe names ]

Breast conserving surgery in the US [ usa healthcare ]

Historical Chinese Coal Plants Data [ energy china ]

Class Action Lawsuit data [ government ]

Number of possible actions the player may take in each ATARI arcade game [ games ]

Dataset of regular expressions for named entity recognition [ nlp ]

Database or API to quickly check whether an image is a meme or not [ api-request images ]

ASCII Character Frequency Analysis [ language nlp programming ]

List of organization names [ usa business ]

List of hospital names with their abbreviations [ usa healthcare ]

Hospital Expenditure Dataset [ healthcare finance medical spending ]

Environmental open GIS data for the Caribbean countries [ geospatial maps environment ]

German political party memberships, during 80s and 90s to [ germany politics ]

How can I find a dataset in the field of eye tracking for a recommender system? [ ]

Data Set for Recommender System that contains contextual aspect-level ratings (as well as reviews) [ research ]

labeled sentiment words according to 8 different human sentiments [ sentiment-analysis ]

Tweets about past disasters (flood, storm, earthquake, volcanic eruption) [ social-media disaster ]

University of Phoenix Salary Data [ collegescorecard ]

does bugzilla have an updated dump for all of its project [ ]

Are there time series of population data for the world urban areas? [ population ]

Phone Tracker, How does this work, and could it be used? [ ]

where can i download archives of eclipse,ibm jazz and mozilla [ releasing-data machine-learning nlp research ]

Luxury watches database [ ]

Keyboard keystrokes with timing [ language computing ]

Find a List of Private Companies That Use Canadian Government Open Data? [ government uses-of-open-data companies ]

Where can I get vector datasets for Nasarawa state in Nigeria? [ geospatial africa ]

Data sets for evaluating cluster analysis [ machine-learning ]

Federal, state, and county prisons & jails [ usa geospatial government geocoding ]

German news/text data set [ language nlp europe media ]

Looking for open source LGBT datasets [ usa geospatial csv lgbt ]

Is there open data set on Facebook status? [ social-media ]

Where can I find information for standard deviation and mean for real life data? [ ]

Urban, suburban, and rural blockgroup data [ geospatial us-census ]

Repository of virus-infected computer files [ software security ]

Where to find data on Australian business types and locations? [ business australia ]

Big data set for Document Classification [ machine-learning corpora ]

Dataset of clinical trial accidents [ healthcare ]

Statistics on car life length for each car model? [ foia cars ]

Water & Energy Usage Data [duplicate] [ energy ]

Open datasets of lottery winning numbers [ sports games ]

Scientometric/bibliometric data retrieval from a list of DOI [ tool-request research extracting bibliometrics ]

Data by county or by zip code on commercial new construction permits issued across the United States [ economics historical postal-code county ]

dataset access for icpsr members [closed] [ ]

Database of evacuation sites in Japan (places to take refuge after a natural disaster) [ geospatial japan disaster ]

Where to Find Data…Project Idea [closed] [ ]

TwoCircles Dataset [ ]

Where can I find Open Data on Nigeria's Annual Budget? [ africa ]

Predictors for AD/senile dementia dataset [ healthcare ]

Cryptocurrency historical prices [ historical ]

Corpus of human-scored machine translations? [ language nlp corpora translation ]

Average income by age group, for all countries? [ economics income ]

The list of projected GDP in the past? [ economics gdp ]

where can I find world-wide commercial flight routes information? [ transportation ]

UK Mobile phone gps location database [ geospatial uk ]

BLS Consumer Expenditure Survey at MSA level [ usa government labor ]

Are there any open datasets for LinkedIn public profiles? [ api-request ]

Data on refugee migration [ ]

Where can I find Nefazadone CBASP dataset? [ medical ]

Kidney transplant dataset [ healthcare ]

weather dataset [ weather uk ]

Income cohorts based on household size [ us-census income ]

Travel statistics by gender and country [ demographics global travel ]

Employment data by income at the state level [ labor income ]

Domestic accidents due to exploding plates and bowls [ healthcare ]

Statistics of the yearly amount of beds in private prisons in the US [ usa crime ]

Elevation data sources [ geospatial maps europe ]

Access to anonymous personal financial portfolio data [ finance corpora ]

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